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Rye Whiskey:  A micro-batched, craft spirit made from a blend of 75% local rye and 25% Canadian barley. It is double distilled and aged in a freshly dumped bourbon barrel for at least two years. This Whiskey has a distinct and robust flavor profile, with notes of spice, caramel, and vanilla. It is smooth and balanced with a slightly sweet finish. Approximately 60 bottles are produced per year, so get it while it lasts.
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Black lightning: Using premium Element beer, we double distill this unconventional moonshine into a unique and flavorful spirit. This spirit has a deep, smoky flavor and the smooth finish is accompanied by a hint of sweetness and a lingering warmth. As this spirit matures, we add dark barley malt to assist with its bold and complex flavor and color profile.
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Thermonuclear:  A one-of-a-kind, unforgettable whiskey experience. This whisky is infused with chipotle peppers, honey and a large dose of Saigon cinnamon, creating a deliciously unique flavor profile. The chipotle peppers add a smoky, spicy kick while the cinnamon and honey provide a sweet, smooth finish. Those who love Fireball™ love it. Those who hate Fireball™ love it. This beautiful conundrum is a crowd pleaser!
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RUM:  Double distilled and barrel aged, this Rum is a delicious and smooth spirit that is crafted from premium Caribbean molasses. It has a rich, caramel color and a sweet aroma of vanilla, oak, and spices. On the palate, it is full-bodied with flavors of brown sugar, molasses, and dried fruit. The finish is smooth and long with a hint of smoke and oak. This rum is the perfect addition to any home bar or craft cocktail.
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Barley is pot Distilled to ensure the highest quality and taste, it is then aged for no less than 90 days in American Oak. We take a special interest in creating unique and flavorful whiskeys. This malt whiskey is bold and complex and perfect for sipping neat or in a classic cocktail.
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Small batch whiskey made using 100% locally sourced corn from Five Point Farm in Northfield, MA. It’s double distilled and aged in American oak barrels. This whiskey has a sweet caramel and vanilla aroma and a smooth, oaky flavor. The finish is long and has hints of oak, spice and dried fruit. A unique and flavorful whiskey that is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails.
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This double distilled spirit is crafted from 100% organic wild blue agave grown in Mexico. Aging it for six months in American oak barrels brings out its smooth, sweet, and fruity flavor. Enjoy its rich notes of caramel, toasted oak, and vanilla, with a touch of lemon, pepper, and spice. Its sweet, smoky flavor pairs perfectly with any occasion or celebration.
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Hop Gin: 
Triple distilled from local potatoes, hops and lavender. This delicious craft gin with its long list of ingredients include bitter orange peel, coriander, juniper and angelica root. The result is a crisp, floral gin that is perfect for sipping or for making cocktails.
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Crafted with carefully selected natural ingredients and distilled in small batches for a smooth, refreshing taste. This lemon liqueur is made from fresh squeezed lemons resulting in a sweet, tart flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla. Its smooth finish makes our Limoncello a great addition to any cocktail and equally enjoyable on its own.
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Freshly-squeezed limes, blended with our local potato vodka makes for a refreshing taste. Limechello is perfect for sipping neat or as a unique addition to your favorite cocktails. Whether you prefer a classic Margarita or a fruity summer cooler, Limechello adds a delicious, citrusy twist to any drink.
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is crafted in traditional Swiss style using only natural herbs and botanicals. We take pride in our focus on quality and methods to create a product that is smooth and memorable. Our absinthe, made with wormwood, European hyssop, sage, star anise, fennel seed & distilled beer seeks to take you on a pleasant and memorable journey.
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Triple Sec: 
An exquisite and unique liqueur made from steeping a blend of fresh and dried peels of sweet and bitter (Curacao) orange. It is triple-distilled resulting in a smooth, citrusy flavor and bright floral aroma. Its light and delicate taste makes it the perfect addition to a variety of cocktails and other drinks. Its natural sweetness adds balance and a delicious and complex flavor to your favorite cocktails.
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A premium quality spirit triple distilled from 100% local potatoes from Hatfield, MA. This craft vodka has a smooth, clean taste with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for sipping neat, or in your favorite cocktail. Element Vodka is sure to make any occasion special.
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