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Interval Ale Series

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  • Summer Offering
  • International Bittering Units 55.5
  • Original Gravity 18.4˚P
  • Color 8.5˚L
  • Alcohol By Volume 9%

Summer Pilsner Fusion ( SPF )

This "Oatmeal Pilsner" combines the smoothness of an oatmeal stout and pale golden color of a German Pilsner. An enormous helping of Hallertau Hersbrucker hops imparts aromas of a fresh-cut field whilst English oats and our house yeast give this ale a rich finish.


This fall seasonal, Altoberfest, blends the assertive hop character of a classic German Alt with the malt qualities of a traditional Oktoberfest. Fermented with our house ale yeast you will find this ale a superior companion to the fall

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  • Fall Offering
  • Internatnal Bittering Units 44
  • Original Gravity 18˚P
  • Color 14.5˚L
  • Alcohol By Volume 8.35%

Winter Ion

Winter Ion blends the malt and spices found in a Belgian White Beer with the rich flavor of chocolate. We think you will agree that the chocolate and spice finish make for a very balanced beer to share with friends during the cold winter months.

  • Winter Offering
  • International Bittering Units 17.2
  • Original Gravity 20˚P
  • Color 12.75˚L
  • Alcohol By Volume 9.1%
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  • Spring Offering
  • International Bittering Units 68.3
  • Original Gravity 25.7˚P
  • Color 20.5˚L
  • Alcohol By Volume 11.8%


This dunkel wheat wine is brewed with Element’s house yeast locally grown and
malted wheat, and local maple syrup. Punctuated by intense citrus aromas and a complex maple finish, Vernal is perfect for Spring.

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